Charley Co Boxing Club

About Us

Who is Charley Co. Boxing Club

We are a USA Boxing Registered club...we Teach, Instruct and Train people of all ages.  We welcome Men, Women, Boys and Girls.  Short term goals or Long term goals, We are here to push you Physically and Mentally.  We are here to eliminate the word "Can't".

What Do you get at Charley Co. Boxing Club

We are equipped to develop and generate fighters for competition.  Overall, you get a great workout

  • 16X16 Boxing Ring
  • Basic and Advanced Techniques
  • Mittwork and Sparring
  • Speed Bags and Punching Bags
  • Treadmills and Free Weights


Whatever you do at Charley Co. .. you're sure to work up a sweat

  • Burn Calories
  • Self Defence
  • Extremely effective for weight loss

Most importantly boost your Confidence, Mental Health and Self Esteem